Feb.9 - Feb.15, 2002

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We went to Osaka Kansai International Airport (關西國際機場) and flied back to Taiwan at about noon. All of us felt that 7 days were too short and passed to fast. Since the most itinerary was adapted for my family, we had a very flexible and relaxed trip although I don't like Japanese food at all and I didn't have too much time to take some serious photos as I usually did when I traveled (no time to setup a tripod, no time for sunset, etc.). I was glad that I brought my new Canon G2 in addition to the Canon SLR (A2) camera/lenses with me. Canon G2 was proven to be a compact high-qualiy digital camera which I always took it with me all the time for most family snapshots and even some landscape photos. I'm looking forward to our next family trip.


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