Alcatraz, San Francisco


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Alcatraz Island, situated east of the Golden Gate in San Francisco Bay, was a lonely island for thousands of years until 1850s when the US government began fortifying the island as part of US Army's western defense plan.  More than 400 soldiers were stationed on the island, and cannon batteries guarded nearly every flank.  The fort  was decommissioned in 1907, and Alcatraz was reopened in 1934 as a federal prison as high-profile maximum-security facility.  There were 14 attempted escapes from the "Rock", but none of them has been proven to be successful.  In 1963, US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy ordered Alcatraz to be closed due to increasing maintenance of operating costs.  In 1972, Congress created the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and made Alcatraz a part of GGNRA, and preserved the rich nature and history of Alcatraz for generations in the future.

Getting there ...

Believe it or not, it was our first time to visit Alcatraz since we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 20 years ago.  We drove to SF after lunch, and got there around 2PM for our scheduled ferry tour at 2:20PM.








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