Henry Coe State Park

May 28-29, 2005

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Henry Coe Park is the largest state park in northern California, with over 87,000 acres of wild open spaces. It is known for its variety and beauty of spring wildflowers in the park.


Getting there ...

It was a short drive from our home to Mogan Hill. After get off 101 and head toward east, the road crosses a bridge and follows alongside Anderson Reservoir, then it turns into a narrow, winding, scenic mountain road. We got to the park just passed 2PM, and we went around the headquarter campground a few times to choose a campsite for tonight.



We were all invited to an evening program at the visitor center for a presentation of Coe's nature mysteries and some free hot chocolate. The program was interesting and quite informative.


The Second Day ...



Going Home ...

It was almost 1PM when we were back from hiking. We left the mountain and went to a McDonald's in Morgan Hill before got to 101. Both Linus and Iris were very excited with their first camping trip, and they both wanted to stay for one more day in the tent. It was a short trip for this Memorial day long weekend, but it was a start to our camping adventures.


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