Hot Springs National Park

4/6 -- 4/9/2024

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Hot Springs National Park has a rich cultural past. The grand architecture of the historic bathhouses is equally matched by the natural curiosities that have been drawing people here for hundreds of years. Ancient thermal springs, mountain views, incredible geology, forested hikes, and abundant creeks – all in the middle of town – make Hot Springs National Park a unique and beautiful destination.  Hot Springs Reservation was initially created by an act of the United States Congress on April 20, 1832, to be preserved for future recreation (before the concept of a national park existed).    The area was established as a national park on March 4, 1921.

Getting there ...

We originally planned the trip to Dallas for the solar eclipse event on 4/8/2024.  However, the weather forecast in Dallas areas was not very promising on the day of the solar eclipse, so I started to think about a backup plan. It seems the storm was moving from the west (in fact, all the way from California) so it should have a better chance if we went toward the east of Texas, and Hot Springs in Arkansas became a good alternative candidate (~ 5 hours from Dallas).  I was able to book a room in the Hotel Hale in the heart of the Hot Springs National Park just the day before our trip. 
We had a red-eye flight on 4/5 late evening from SFO to Houston, and then a short flight to Dallas.  When we landed in Houston and waited for our transfer flight, I got a message from our accommodation in Dallas saying that our reservation was cancelled. In fact, I have been worry about this place for a while:  a few months ago I was notified that there was an ownership change for this place.  When I checked the Google review a few weeks ago, there were full of 1 or 2-star reviews recently.  Then I sent them messages asking some questions a few days ago, but I had not got any reply back yet.  It turned out my backup plan became my rescue and we had a chance to visit a national park this time.  





After dinner in the hotel, we walked along the Bathhouse Row again for a cooler air (but still a crowded street).



Day 2 (4/7)... 




Day 3 (4/8) ...







Although we have seen the total solar eclipse in 2017 in Oregon, it was still an exciting and thrilling experience to see it again (and again and again...).

Day 4 (4/9) ...

It's time to drive back to Texas to continue (or resume) our planned Texas trip (Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth).  It was a hard raining day from the early morning in Hot Springs in Arkansas, all the way to Dallas/Waco in Texas at about noon.  It finally cleared up when we got to Austin at about 4PM.  I think we were really lucky that we got our perfect day (4/8/2024) at a perfect place (Hot Springs National Park).

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