Taitung (台東), Taiwan

12/22 -- 12/23/2022

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Taitung 台東, Chinese for “East Taiwan”, is in the Southeastern corner of Formosa. Due to its remote location and isolation by mountains from Taiwan's main population centers, Taitung was the last part of the island to be colonized by Han Chinese immigrants (late 19th century), and it is still sparsely populated even today.   Thanks to its isolation, Taitung mostly escaped the urbanization and pollution that have happened in the most of regions in Taiwan, and remains a pristine nature wonder. 

Getting there ...

My brother has arranged this trip and invited us to go to Taitung.  We took the HSR (High Speed Rail, 高鐵 ) from Taipei to Zuoying (Kaohsiung) in the morning, and transferred to Taiwan Railway (臺鐵) 普悠瑪號 (Puyuma) to Taitung.  The best thing on the Taiwan Rail was the delicious lunch box which brought back many good memory in the past.  We arrived in Taitung at ~ 2PM and got the rental to start to explore the countryside of Taitung.






Luye Highland (鹿野高台) has a large area of grass land and is the first place constructed with a fresh image of hot air balloon in Taiwan.  Since 2011, Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta has been annually held here from late June to early August.






Second Day (12/23) ...















Going Home ...

It's a short 2-day relaxed trip to a rural part of Taiwan that I have not come back to visit for such a long time.  Thanks to my brother to arrange this trip and to travel with us (although the Sinasera dinner was too fancy to me to enjoy :-)).  It's nice to see the different side of Taiwan!



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