Tanzania, Africa

7/9 -- 7/17/2011

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An African safari is a dream trip for all of us. Vast endless unspoiled grassland, countless zebras and gazelles running freely without boundaries, fierce predators awaiting the exact moment to strike their prey, these are the experiences hard to find anywhere else on earth.  Tanzania, in East Africa, is Africa's prime wildlife game-viewing country, best known for its archetypal African savanna in the Serengeti Plains and the dense concentration of wildlife in so called 'Garden of Eden' at the Ngorongoro Crater, highlights a mosaic of national parks and conservation areas that cover almost 25% of the country and protect an estimated 20% of Africa's large mammals.

Getting there ...

We came to Africa continuing from our previous trip to Paris. We flew from Paris to London, London to Nairobi (Kenya), and Nairobi to Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).  We had quite a few problems with our flight: 1) Linus' reservation got cancelled because he did not fly with us from San Francisco to Paris for the 1st part of our itinerary, so he had to put on to the waiting list for Paris to London. 2) The flight from London to Kenya was delayed by more than 5 hours that we arrived at Nairobi airport after 2AM and missed our connecting flight to Tanzania, and we had to spend one night at the airport. 3) When we arrived at Kilimanjaro airport, we found ourselves missing one luggage (out of three) that did not arrive with us.
We had a private tour arranged through Basecamp Tanzania, which gave us one guide and one vehicle (Land Cruiser) with our family for the entire trip. Luckily our guide was still there waiting for us at the airport although we had been delayed for about 12 hours.

[Tarangire, July 9-11] [Serengeti, July 11-15] [Ngorongoro, July 15-17]

Arusha ...

When we got out the Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to drive toward Arusha city, we were surprised by how impoverished the living conditions were in the area.  We had a quick stop at Ilboru Safari lodge (where we were supposed to stay one night but did not make it because the flight delay) to take a break before noon.


Tarangire ...

















[Tarangire, July 9-11] [Serengeti, July 11-15] [Ngorongoro, July 15-17]

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