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Yosemite National Park embraces a great tract of scenic wildlands set aside in 1890 to preserve a portion of the Sierra Nevada that stretches along California's eastern flank. Ranging from 2,000 feet to more than 13,000 feet, the park encompasses alpine wilderness, groves of giant sequoia trees, and Yosemite Valley, which may be the world's best known example of a glacier-carved canyon. The dramatic scale of its waterfalls, rounded domes, massive monoliths, and towering cliffs has inspired painters, poets, photographers, and millions of visitors.

Getting there ...

We decided to make a quick trip to Yosemite because during the full moon days in April/May/June, moonbow (rainbow illuminated by the moon) will appear around Yosemite Falls for certain periods of time if the conditions are right (clear sky, plenty of water mist, the moon is at the proper angle, and the sky is dark enough, etc.).  My previous moonbow experience was back in 2006 for Upper Yosemite Falls.  This time we will try to capture the moonbow at the Lower Yosemite Falls.  We started our journey at about noon (after my meetings and Woanyu's Zumba class), and got to the hotel to check in just before 4PM.








Day 2 ...





Going Home ...

After a quick breakfast back in the hotel room, we started to drive back home at 8:30AM (since I had a meeting at 2PM).  It might sound crazy that we made another quick trip to Yosemite (for moonbow), but I was glad we did it and enjoyed the moments we had in such a beautiful place. 

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