Beijing, China

7/5 -- 7/10/2010

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Beijing (北京), with a history of more than 3000 years and being the capital of China for about 850 years, has served as the political and cultural center of China for centuries, and has been an integral part of China's history. The history we studied before is so alive in front of us right here in Beijing.  Economic reform and 2008 Olympic Games have changed and transformed the city to a new modern Beijing as well.

Getting there ...

We had an early flight from Taiwan to Beijing.  It is now much more convenient with the new non-stop flight from Taiwan to China.  When we stepped out of Beijing's new airport at about noon, we immediately felt the heat of summer in Beijing: temperatures higher than forty degrees Celsius was waiting for us for the next few days.


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The First Day ...



Since we had four people (3 "adults" + 1 "baby"), we got two connected rooms every night during our stay.  We usually all crammed into one room to sleep and reserved the other room for me to watch the FIFA World Cup during early hours (around 3AM).  The spare room was also served as my studio in the morning.


The Second Day ...
















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