Canon G2

Jan. 2002

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After owned Olympus C-3030Z for more than one year, I decided to upgrade to Canon G2.

Why do I want to have a digital camera?

Why do I want to upgrade to Canon G2?

There are so many reviews available for both cameras (for example, Steve's Digicam, Imaging Resources, DP review, etc.). However, I still need to do some testing myself to see how the camera performs, how it fits to my shooting style, and what its limits are, but I don't care many details shown on those reviews (like GUI control buttons, etc.). I'll use my test results as a guideline for my future use of Canon G2.


Image Quality vs ISO setting

G2 has 4 ISO setting: 50, 100, 200, and 400. The next few 1:1 croped images show the difference between ISO settings. ISO 100 is very closed to ISO 50 in image noise levels. ISO 400 has very obvious noise especially in the shadow areas. I'll avoid ISO400 at any time.

ISO 50 ISO 100
ISO 200 ISO 400


ISO 50 ISO 100
ISO 200 ISO 400


ISO 50 ISO 100
ISO 200 ISO 400


ISO 50 ISO 100
ISO 200 ISO 400


Image Quality vs Aperture

I use Av mode most of the time, so I need to know what the "sweet sopt" is for this G2 lens (f2.0/2.5 -- f8.0). The next pair of images clearly show that f4 is sharper than f8 (due to diffraction? Both images were taken with tripod and my usual care). Since the DOF of the small lenses on digital cameras is already large (good for landscape, bad for portrait), I don't have to stop down so much now.

ISO50 @ f8, 1/160sec ISO 50 @ f4, 1/640sec


Image File Size

I shoot all the images in Superfine JPEG (2272x1704) mode. The image file size directly effects the capacity of the memory cards.

ISO 50: 1321KB 1475KB 2001KB
ISO100: 1431KB 1621KB 2102KB
ISO200: 1626KB 1861KB 2293KB
ISO400: 1850KB 2162KB 2524KB


Strength and Weakness

What do I like about the G2 (compared with C-3030)?

What do I not like about the G2?


Bottom Line

I have printed a few images at 8x10 on my Epson 1270, and I am extremely satisfied with the image quality. G2 cannot replace my EOS SLR, but it can certainly be my all-around camera for various subjects (especially for snapshots of my kids).


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