My Photo Gears

update: 11/2023

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More and more people begin to ask me: what camera do you use to take photos? What lenses do you have? How do you print you pictures? I am not a professional photographer (and will not be one anytime soon), and I am not an expert on any photo equipment review either. There are many websites on the internet which give excellent reviews and opinions on photography stuffs (see my resources page). However, I've done careful and extensive research (based on my Engineering training) to choose every piece of my photo gears to fit my need. Everyone has his/her own requirement/preference, so I'd just like to share the list of my collections during these years and you can estimate how much investment I have put in to this bottomless hole.


SLR Camera


Mirrorless Camera





Camera Bag


APS Film Camera

This is the only photo investment I regret. I don't think APS will survive after digial is getting more popular.


Digital Darkroom

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