Arches National Park

6/8/2013 -- 6/10/2013

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The Colorado Plateau in the southwest of United States (Utah, Arizona), home of more than 20 national parks and monuments, is a beautiful sculptured wilderness with brilliant colors. It is a live story of how landscapes, seashores, rivers, lakes, plains, canyons, wetlands, deserts, and mountains were created and chronicled in the rocks.  Arches National Park, with over 2000 arches ranging from small windows to the longest, Landscape Arch, is an amazing rock scenery sculptured by water and ice, extreme temperatures, and underground salt movement for more than 100 million years.    

Getting there ...

I have always wanted to bring my family back to Arches since my previous trip in 2005.  This time our Colorado Plateau trip included Arches, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon in Navajo Nation on Utah/Arizona border.  We had an early morning flight to Salt Lake City, and drove directly to Moab for our first stop: Arches National Park.


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Day 1 (6/8) ...




Day 2 (6/9) ...





We planned to hike to Broken Arch from the Devil's Garden campground.  Unfortunately, we started off from the wrong parking lot, which made me extremely disoriented.  Instead of going south to Broken Arch, we headed north and accidentally met Skyline Arch :-(










Day 3 (6/10) ...






After a quick fast-food lunch in Moab, it was time to move on to our next destination: Monument Valley.


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