Feb.9 - Feb.15, 2002

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My father decided to take our whole family to Japan for Chinese New Year this year. It's been a few years since we all traveled together, and this was the first oversea trip for the entire family. My mother's goal is to have such kind of trips at least once a year. We joined a tour this time (there were only two families in the tour: our family and the family of the boss of the travel agent), and focused on Kyoto/Osaka/Kaga areas.


Getting there ...

I flied back to Taiwan from US just one day before our departure to Japan (Woanyu and kids already went back two weeks ago). My father-in-law drove us to the CKS Airport to meet my family in the early morning, but the car was broken when we just got on the highway. We had to push the car to the roadside and waited for my mother-in-law to drive another car. We were delayed for about 30 min but we still made it in time. It seemed we had an adventurous start of our trip. We arrived in Osaka Kansai International Airport (關西國際機場) at about noon and had lunch on our tour bus (but I skipped our first meal in Japan: all sea food lunch box).

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